Day 20

In Ramadan Logs on September 10, 2009 by Suhaila

Sleep last night:
5 hours total (4 hours at night, 1 hour during the day)

80′ overhead walking lunges @ 45 lbs (men), 25 lbs (women)
20 box jumps @ 20″ (men), 16″ (women)
15 strict pull-ups
[Time: 23:53. Pull-ups with thick purple and thin purple resistance bands.]

New goal: I am going to try to get my first unassisted pull-up by the end of Ramadan (inshaAllah!). I think I’m pretty close — I can’t seem to get out of the bottom inch or two, but once my arms are slightly bent, I can pull myself the rest of the way without much trouble. So, every day I’ll make an attempt at a pull-up, and if I don’t get it, if the WOD doesn’t include pull-ups, I’ll do pull-up negatives (jump to the top and lower as slowly as possible) as part of my warm-up.


  • Slept in


  • 1 date
  • 5 coconut chicken drumsticks
  • 6 cups whole milk
  • 2 cups raw broccoli
  • Some spaghetti squash seeds
  • 1 tsp fish oil + multivitamin

One Response to “Day 20”

  1. Yeah inshAllah you will do it. I remember negatives being helpful (for pullups). I also remember timing being an issue for me with the kip timing. I would pull too early which made it harder.

    I probably slept way too much, im too embarrased to say

    omelete (feta cheese, spinach, tomato, green onion) + some ground beef

    rested today

    iftar (I cheated today)
    2 dates
    some rice with fish, a samosa with meat, lamb bbq pieces +cilantro chutney
    key lime pie frozen yogurt
    yogurt with fish oil

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