In Logs on September 29, 2009 by Suhaila

7 hours

Tabata (i.e. 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest, 8 times for each exercise. Score is total reps.)
Box jumps @ 20″ (men), 16″ (women)
[205. Box jumps: 12+11+9+8+9+9+9+8=75. Pull-ups: 3+3+1+2+4+3+3+2=21. Push-ups: 10+5+4+6+3+4+4+3=39. Squats: 10+10+10+8+6+9+7+10=70. Used the thin purple and thin black bands for pull-ups. I started off with just the purple, but I had to add the black after I only got one pull-up in one of the rounds! 😦 Also, my push-ups need work. And my squats are so slow… I don’t know how people do them so fast! In short, this tabata did not go well, haha.]

Alex introduced me to the GHD machine! I learned how to do back extensions, hip-back extensions, and GHD sit-ups (thanks Alex and Rachael :)). The main lesson I got from all these new exercises is this: the GHD machine is scary as heck. You either fall backwards or you fall forwards! I haven’t decided which is worse. But, I also realized there’s a lot of stuff I’m missing out on. I’m thinking of switching to the CrossFit warm-up instead of what I usually do (row 500m if there’s squats in the workout, otherwise jump rope for a few minutes). It might help me increase my pull-ups and push-ups faster, and I can replace the sit-ups with GHD sit-ups which are so scary that they must be good for me.


  • Slept in


  • 2 eggs scrambled in the microwave
  • 3 strips of chicken bacon, shredded
  • A plate of salad, mixed with the above
  • 2 cups of pina colada yogurt, see below

Pina colada yogurt (a.k.a. my latest invention :)):
You need:

  • Plain yogurt
  • Crushed pineapples
  • Coconut milk or cream (I used cream but milk should work too)

In a small glass, layer a couple of tsp of pineapples with a small amount of coconut milk/cream and a couple of tbsp of yogurt. Repeat layers as necessary. 🙂 I never thought plain yogurt could taste so good.


  • 6 oz of beef strips (the guy at the halal grocery store didn’t know what a steak was… is that even possible? I don’t think he spoke English very well.)
  • 1 cup broccoli

4 Responses to “29/09/2009”

  1. I have comments, about this and your email. I got distracted with trying to get tickets and now its almost 1am. I will catch up tomorrow inshAllah

  2. Haha, yeah I know how it is trying to get tickets for stuff, not to mention tickets for U2!! I hope you find some 🙂

  3. […] 1 cup of pina colada yogurt […]

  4. Ok going to try and catch up…
    I rested this day. that yogurt sounds YUM. I have made smoothies before (coconut milk, pineapple, mango and strawberry) but want to try this.

    Tabatas are really tough I think. my numbers end up looking like an exponential curve plunging downwards haha. you got consistent numbers so thats good.

    I agree on the CF warmup.. or some variation of it, or say one round. I dont always do the same thing. I vary it depending on what workout I am doing that day or how i feel.

    say if a workout is going to have a row, I will either jump rope or run instead of row. if the workout is going to be long and lots of endurance, maybe I wont do a full 500m row in the warmup.
    sometimes i switch up between abmat situps and GHD situps. pullups I might do 10 kips in a row, sometimes i do chest to bar. sometimes i mgiht do less than 10.. once in a while ill do a test to see what my max is..
    pushups I could switch up with ring dips. squats i might switch up with over head squat, or do some olympic skill drill, like drop snatch, etc (or something else I need to work on.. maybe cleans? burgener warmup)
    sometimes handstand holds or handstand pushups..

    but I agree its going to help you with your pushups and pullups and skills.

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