In Logs on September 30, 2009 by Suhaila

7 hours

5 clean and jerks @ 185 lbs (men), 135 lbs (women)
25 burpees
4 clean and jerks
20 burpees
3 clean and jerks
15 burpees
2 clean and jerks
10 burpees
1 clean and jerk
5 burpees
[21:04 @ 62 lbs. I did 67 lbs in warm-up twice (couldn’t do 72 lbs, but it seemed like a mental barrier since I could get the weight up, I just couldn’t drop under it), and I thought I could use that for the workout, but I failed 4 times at the start. People were done their first clean and jerks before I even got one in. So I went down to 62 lbs. I still failed a lot in the first set but got the hang of it in the next sets. It was still really heavy for me though, hence the overall slowness.]

Oh, and before the workout, I did 2 strict pull-ups! In a row!


  • Slept in


  • 3 eggs scrambled in the microwave
  • Approx 3 oz of beef strips
  • A plate of salad, mixed with the above
  • 1 cup of pina colada yogurt


  • 3-4 oz of veal curry
  • 1.5 cups spaghetti squash

2 Responses to “30/09/2009”

  1. I was going to see what my max snatch was.. but luckily for me, a trainer worked with me (who competes and teaches olympic lifting).. so I did some drills to work on my issue of dropping under the bar. you take rails at a level where you would have lifted the bar up right before dropping.. so when I pull and drop, the bar shouldnt move, i should fall and pull under it faster than the bar can fall. I used a pvc pipe, then the training bar (maybe 10 lbs or so) so no issue of fear. then he did assisted drop snatches.. where we used the heaviest weight possible, he spots the bar in case i mess up and i dont have fear because he is spotting.. and i have to fall as in a snatch, and fast. ha it freaks me out but it helps and i get better after the 2nd or third rep. we have gotten up to about 43 kg. if i do this on my own, i use a weight (or just the bar) that I dont need a spotter for or I am not “scared” of.

    so all i can say about olympic lifts, is practice and try drills

  2. Thanks for the advice! That was exactly the reason I failed each time. But as the workout went on, I started really focusing on the bar staying still and me getting under it before it falls; that helped a lot and I started failing less and less. By the end of it, I was starting to think that maybe I could have done it with the 72 if I had just focused more then as well. It definitely made the cleans much easier.

    It also helped to think of pushing myself down, rather than just falling down, since you know, the bar is also falling down 😛 Gravity = everything falls at the same rate. So you really have to push yourself down fast in order to get under it.

    Anyway, I’m sure it was all just a mental barrier since the jerks were so easy, whereas the jerk is usually the limiting factor for weight.

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