In Logs on October 2, 2009 by Suhaila

6 hours

5 L-pull-ups
10 strict push-ups (i.e. thumbs touching shoulders at bottom position)
15 walking lunge steps
AMRAP in 20 minutes
[8 rounds. Subbed strict pull-ups with resistance bands (thin purple band for first round, black band for second round, both bands for all other rounds). Push-ups were chest-to-25 lb plate.]


  • 1 cup of tea
  • 4 strips of chicken bacon


  • Beef strips with salad and mozzarella cheese


  • String hoppers with curry
  • 4 two bite brownies
  • 2 milk hoppers (these are a little sweet for the average person, but extremely sweet for me)
  • 1 cup of tea
  • A handful of strawberries

Needless to say, after the brownies and the hoppers, I was feeling sick to my stomach. Sugar doesn’t like me…

3 Responses to “02/10/2009”

  1. FYI we finally made salad.. and I put the fish oil on it.. it was good.

    BTW, I was thinking you could try full range pushups using a band for assistance. that might help you get them faster then reducing your range of motion with the 35lb plate.

    I slept in and couldnt go later in the day when the gym opened at 4pm-8pm

    I figure I will go Sat, Sun and Mon iA

  2. Haha FINALLY! What kind of salad was it? I’m guessing the fish oil just added a lemony taste? Did you use the fish oil as a dressing, or did you mix it with another type of dressing?

    I really want to try using bands for push-ups, but it seems so hard to get in and out of the bands in the middle of a workout. At least I have graduated to the 25 lb plate! Haha. It’s like an inch (maybe an inch and a half) more ROM. I’ll see if I can get the bands set up so that I can use them in warm-up though, it will probably help a lot. I still haven’t been able to find a good video of it, so it all depends on if they know how to do it.

    By the way I find it so hilarious that I (a Canadian) use pounds for logging workouts, and you (an American) use kilograms. I have to translate your kgs into lbs just to be able to compare, that’s how bad my unit conversion skills are. 😛

  3. It was a regular salad, iceberg lettuce, some tomatoes, carrots and cucumber. I did put some other salad dressing but then I thought let me also have parts of the salad only have the fish oil. it was good both ways, next time ill put only fish oil. I think it was a good lemony and easier for me to eat then just having the oil.

    I couldn’t find the picture of pushups with bands.. one affiliate here had done that. The best I can find is this video where they use the bands for handstand pushups..
    you would set up the bands the same way, where one is tied to the pullup bar as you would for assisting a pullup, then you use one extra one and loop it through the bottom, the two ends is where your arms go (same as in the video) but instead you do not kick up into a handstand, just do your pushup.

    Once its set up and you get the hang of it, it should be OK in a workout, but definitely try before a WOD or a warmup.

    If you can do one regular pushup, I think do that one pushup in your warmup, next time try to do 2 etc, to build up your endurance.

    yes most of the weight plates here are in KG, otherwise I never used them before in the USA. I think finally I am used to it.

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