In Logs on October 9, 2009 by Suhaila

5 hours

50 walking lunge steps
25 box jumps @ 20″ (men), 16″ (women)
25 push presses @ 95 lbs (men), 65 lbs (women)
25 pull-ups
15 toes-to-bar
15 pistols (alt.)
25 push-ups
25 hang power snatches @ 95 lbs (men), 65 lbs (women)
25 burpees
50 squats
[28:09. Push presses and hang power snatches with 42 lbs. Pistols to a 16″ box. I tried to do some unassisted ones before the workout and I fell on my butt. :P]

I don’t think I’m going to log my food for a while, it’s getting a bit annoying to remember what I eat all the time. I think I’ll try to log what I eat for one week every other month, just often enough to see if I’m staying on track with my diet.

4 Responses to “09/10/2009”

  1. It was easier for me to remember what I had during Ramadan, vs now where I eat scattered, throughout the day.

    good job on your WOD. haha gotta love those pistols. let me know if you have major DOMs or not.

    I did not go to the gym, but I worked on Muscle up drills (feet on a box), kipping to transition and rows where my fists get to my armpits.

  2. Something we have discussed that reminded me of our convo..

  3. No DOMS! Maybe I did it wrong, haha. I didn’t do full pistols anyway, I used a box; maybe that’s why. I noticed that my pistols are so much stronger on my right leg than my left (i.e. I can almost do a full pistol on my right leg, but I can barely do anything on my left, haha). I guess my regular squats must be lob-sided 😛

    How’s your muscle-up transition coming? Are your elbows getting through smoothly yet? I would love to see a video if you have one 🙂 Hijabis doing muscle-ups are awesome haha.

    I liked that blog post you linked to. I agree that it’s rare for people to deliberately choose to go heavy and sacrifice speed. InshaAllah I’ll remember this the next time a WOD comes up that I can do RX’d (push-ups, pull-ups… hmm, I might be able to do Fran RX’d in about 2 hours! Haha I probably just jinxed myself :P)

  4. I think a few people did not get DOMS either from pistols.

    I also noticed that my right leg was stronger than the left. I read that we tend to have imbalances, and to some extent it is OK, I do wonder when you know it is an issue and you need to do something.. but then I have been told just to do stuff with right form and it will work out.

    The drills with my feet on a box are helping and I am actually not cheating the transition & getting my elbows through. I also progressed to where my knees are straight, which is a little less support then knees bent

    Jumping MU I could sense I was doing something not right, and the video I took previously confirmed that, so its good I never spent much time on it, though it could help if done correctly.

    On the forum, I would told pulling higher would help before I transition, so I am also doing rows while my feet are on a box. I do strict and kipping ones where the rings come to my chest and fist get to my armpits. So I hope all of this will train me to pull to the right level and transition at that correct time.

    I will definitely make a video when I get the elbows through, no assistance. I could probably do a video where I do it but move my elbows manually, its just not pretty.

    I wonder if there is a hijabi who has done a MU and we dont know.

    I am pretty sure you could do Fran in less than 2 hours haha. If it is taking a while, you can use the thinnest band. I remember when I got the 17 min Fran, I got a 21 minute Fran and was like what happened, so I dropped the weight to 55lb and I got it in 10 min, then went back up to 65# on this recent attempt I have posted.

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