In Logs on October 13, 2009 by Suhaila

5 hours

Back squat 5-5-5-5-5
[55-65-75-85-90F. The last set was actually 90-90-90-90F-rest for about a minute-90-90. So I have a new 3 rep max, finally. Still not very happy with it, but at least it’s some improvement!]

21-15-9 of:
Kettlebell high-pulls @ 1.5 p (men), 1 p (women)
Jumping squats
[I skipped this because I was running out of time and I had to go somewhere right after the gym. I hope I can do this tomorrow because we’ve never done jumping squats and kettlebell high-pulls so it looks interesting! But tomorrow’s WOD looks bad enough as it is, and again I have to go somewhere right after the gym. I’ve been missing a lot of good workouts, I need to catch up!! I missed Murph on Sunday, but it was a legitimate rest day so I have an excuse. I’m thinking I might do a bunch of these missed WODs this weekend if I’m in town.]

3 Responses to “13/10/2009”

  1. congrats on the back squats. Very close with 90.

    I have never done those either.. is KB high pull like a sumo DL high pull, but its a KB vs a barbell?

    haha jumping squats would make me cry. just like burpees.

    WOW MURPH. I have done that once and the weather was a little warm. I didn’t know if I would make it through and that last mile was torture.

    Today Wed, I did not go in. I was going to but I started getting this dry cough which isn’t letting me sleep. I finally got my medicine today so will inshAllah take it after Isha. and SLEEEEP.
    I had this cough 2 years ago (last time I got sick), and then I had to travel for an interview.. and it snowed.. all that made me worse, get laryngitis and I strained my intercostal muscles.. bad memories.

    Tuesday was a rest day.

    Monday 10/12

    Elizabeth Rx
    95# squat cleans
    ring dips

    I wonder if I could have had shorter breaks in between squat cleans (I take them when my legs get fatigued and my posture starts to lean forward), but I hate failed reps (of which I had a few).

    Pr of 4:01 from 9/2/09 and PR of 20 seconds from 4/9/09

  2. Yeah a KB high pull is basically a SDHP but with a KB. The jumping squats weren’t that bad! I even did a few last night before I went to bed, haha, it’s kind of fun. You feel like a kid pretending to be a frog lol.

    I’m rethinking my Murph plans… The weather’s nice right now though, not too cold that I would need a jacket/sweater, but cool enough to have a really good run. But all those pull-ups are really making me hesitate haha. I guess I have to do it at some point. Better to do a 2 hour Murph now and feel *really* good next time when I get a more normal time 😛

    Mm sleep. I could use some of that haha.

    I hate failed reps too. Even if I end up going faster overall, the failed reps really get to me psychologically. The first failed rep might have been because I was distracted or something, but it sets off this chain of failures which are all because the first one convinced me that the weight is too heavy. That’s an awesome PR though! Congrats!

  3. When you do Murph do you split it up?

    When we do it, we do 20 rounds of Cindy, v.s. doing 100 pullups in a row etc. If I got a fast time, maybe I would consider going all the way through, 100pullups, 200 pushups etc but I doubt I will for a while.

    OL take a lot of mental focus, and the same thing happens to me.. I start to think FAIL in my head and think the weight is heavy and I am tired.

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