In Logs on October 16, 2009 by Suhaila

7 hours

Power clean 3-3-3-3-3
[42-52-62-72-77F-73. I did a few at 77 but not in a row, and I needed a long rest in between in order to do it. By that point my shoulders were already hurting from the previous four sets though. I have trouble getting my elbows up fast enough, so I end up doing more work than I should and so I guess my shoulders get tired faster. I can get my elbows up at lighter weights, but as soon as it gets heavy I become really slow for some reason. Anyway, since we haven’t done a max power clean WOD at my gym since July, my previous “max” was 42 — and apparently I tried 47 and “failed miserably” (really, it’s in my log!). I found that really amusing.]

One Response to “16/09/2009”

  1. wow a 30lb PR is huge.

    I finally went to the gym today. Did lifts but did not ramp up, did a starting strength type thing where you stick to the one amount.

    Shoulder Press
    33 kg, 33 kg, 33 kg, 33 kg, and 33 kg

    rests in between were 1-1.5 minutes. Not too bad, last round most difficult.

    Back Squat
    70 kg, 70 kg, 70 kg, 70 kg, and 70 kg

    rest was 3-4 minutes in between.. I need to focus on sitting back/keeping posture so my back doesn’t collapse too much as I go down and I dont get proper depth

    1 round 2nd rep borderline 3rd round last rep borderline 4th round maybe one was borderline, not sure

    I wish I didn’t freak out about back squats but I am getting better with determining whether I reached depth or not.

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