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6 hours

Real Food Challenge: Day 1
I stuck to the zone blocks I mentioned in yesterday’s post, but as I mentioned I was feeling really lightheaded and tired throughout the day, so Rachael recommended that I add more fat. My new block system starting from Day 2 onwards is:
Breakfast 4P/3C/11F
Snack 2P/1C/5F
Lunch 3P/3C/11F
Snack 1P/1C/3F
Dinner 3P/3C/11F
… but since it was a bit last minute, I didn’t have time to fully modify today’s meal plan to fit the new system. I added fat where I could but I’m still a few blocks short.

I bought almond butter, and it is amazing. I eat it on everything! I am actually thinking that it’s pointless to try to measure my fat blocks because of all the almond butter I am eating, haha. Like when I was scooping out some almond butter to put in a container to take to work — I must have eaten at least 2 tablespoons of it in the process of scooping and then washing (licking?) the spoon. Which is roughly equivalent to 6 blocks. Oops!

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

3 weighted pull-ups @ 45 lbs (men), 30 lbs (women)
5 strict pull-ups
7 kipping pull-ups
5 cycles
Your goal is to not break up any of your rounds. Rest as needed between efforts. Score total number of rounds required to complete the 5 cycles, and time.
[9:05 – 13 sets. Scaled to 3 strict pull-ups, 5 kipping pull-ups, 7 jumping pull-ups, 5 cycles. Started without bands but tired my arms out doing the first two strict pull-ups, so I used the thin purple and thin black bands for the rest. In retrospect I think I should have used only the purple. My kipping is getting much better with the bands though! I was actually starting to feel like kipping was making the pull-ups easier when I started getting the hang of it (as opposed to making the pull-ups more complicated which is how I usually feel).]

3 Responses to “19/10/2009”

  1. I know what you mean about almond butter. I made macademia butter with my food processor attachment. DROOOL
    good job on doing the deadlifts PLUS pull-ups.
    I should figure out my blocks to get an idea.. I also have to make up 10 fasts.

    OH YEAH i wanted to ask you, how large are chicken eggs in Canada? I wondered if its any different from here. When I eat 3 eggs oh boy im so stuffed I dont even feel like eating lunch). 2 is usually a limit. so I didn’t know if it was just me or the egg size.

    • I bought my almond butter from the grocery store, because I wasn’t sure if I would like it, but I think from now on I’m going to make it myself. I don’t have a proper blender though, only a Magic Bullet haha, hopefully it will do the job though.

      Hmm, I’m not sure. They have different standard sizes (medium, large, extra large). I’ve noticed there are slight differences in how full I feel after an egg though. If I get the regular eggs that are most common in my grocery store, I feel really full after 3 eggs, but I usually get the grass fed chicken eggs, and they don’t leave me as full. 3 eggs is usually a perfect amount for me with those grass fed chicken eggs (and I think they taste much better too; they also boil better for some reason and the shell doesn’t stick to the white as easily).

      Oh and my grocery store started selling double-yolk eggs too! I haven’t bought them yet, but overall I’m thinking I might save money by getting those… Lately I’m going through almost a dozen eggs every 2 days haha (3 in the morning + 2 hardboiled in the day).

  2. A store here (Trader Joe’s) sells almond butter cheap, but macademia is not found and online it was freaking expensive. It is possible your magic bullet could do it, but if almond butter is a good price I would say its not worth it.. as in not different if you do it (I think) if they dont add crap to it.
    Looks like you can. I would add no oil at all, use short pulses, put a bit at a time at first. Make sure to refrigerate it.

    For some reason the grass fed eggs here are large, larger than the basic size regular eggs. but not as large as the extra large regular eggs.

    WOW double yolk eggs. Please take a picture of those.

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