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5 hours

Real Food Challenge: Day 2
Day 2 wasn’t so great. That’s all I will say.

Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) results:
Had a BIA test done at the gym, select results are below. I had no idea my bodyfat percentage was so high, and I still don’t really believe it, haha. I think the machine is broken.

Height: 62 in
Weight: 108.0 lbs
Lean body mass: 78.1 lbs (72.2%)
Fat mass: 29.9 lbs (27.8%)
Basal metabolic rate: 1104 cals
Intracellular water: 15.7 L (57.9%)
Extracellular water: 11.4 L (42.1%)

Apparently 57.9% intracellular water is the exact optimal value for women my age, which the nutritionist performing the test said means that I don’t have a lot of toxins in my body (water moves from inside the cells to outside the cells in order to dilute the toxins in the body and allow them to be flushed out). I think that is awesome, since I’ve been working so hard to not eat anything with preservatives and junk, and trying to avoid grains, and I already stay far away from alcohol and drugs 😀

I am thinking of ways to reduce my bodyfat. My main goal is still to get stronger, so I’m thinking of doing a program like Starting Strength. That way I can hopefully convert some of that fat into muscle, and get stronger so that I can do more WODs rx’d when I’m done…

40 ft overhead walking lunge @ 45 lbs (men), 25 lbs (women)
21 box jumps @ 20″ (men), 16″ (women)
40 ft overhead walking lunge @ 45 lbs (men), 25 lbs (women)
21 push-ups
AMRAP in 20 minutes
[Exactly 3 rounds. Walking lunges and box jumps rx’d. Push-ups to 25 lb plate, by far the hardest. I was thinking of trying the resistance bands for this one, but the bars were far away from where I was doing my WOD, and the plate seemed so convenient (just drop it after the lunges and do push-ups over it).]


5 Responses to “20/10/2009”

  1. haha i wont talk about my eating either. its been OK then it got crap the past few days.

  2. ok I didnt even see the rest of your post just where you say “that is all I have to say” haha

    BIA I hear can have a percentage of error. that is so interesting about the intracellular water , I have never heard of that before. did they have to draw blood for that.

    full starting strength is long. I did that once a year ago, I actually did it only for 4 weeks and twice a week. In retrospect it helped to some extent, but I think stamina, intensity also needs to be maintained. Strength Bias could be one you can consider.. or just say picking a lift or 2 to do before your regular WOD (that is what I do sometimes now).

    I tried Strength Bias before Ramadan, I felt like I lost some endurance, I did gain some strength but not so much that it was worth the lost endurance. But it all depends, its different for everyone.

    Though definitely adding some strength stuff also gives you extra practice on the lifts.

    oh yeah my WOD was Tabata something else
    Pullups 41
    Push ups 44
    Sit ups 63
    Squats 117
    total = 265

    last time I got 282. ha yeah it was not a good day for me but whatever. I assume it was because of the cough and taking time off

    • Sorry, I think I chose the position of my “Read more” tag badly this time haha

      Yeah BIA does have a certain amount of inaccuracy as all body composition tests inevitably do (except one suggestion I read of putting the body in a huge blender and then analyzing the fat content of the mixture, but I doubt many people would be willing to do that haha). Out of the common tests BIA is supposed to be one of the more accurate ones, not as accurate as the underwater reading though.

      They didn’t have to draw blood for the water distribution measurements, it was all done in one test. Basically you lie on the floor, and they attach two electrodes to your hand, and two on your foot, similar to an ECG. They send a signal through your hand and measure the time it takes to go down to your foot and back to the hand. From that (somehow) they get all these different results. It’s a mystery to me haha. Something about how water, muscle, and fat each create different amounts of resistance to the electrical signal.

      I know that SS is long, that’s my main reason for hesitating actually. I don’t want to lose out on the other areas of CF, but I realize that I’m mostly limited by strength right now — i.e. I’m slow on metcons mostly because my muscles are fatigued, not because I have to catch my breath. I think it’s been pretty rare that I’ve even had the opportunity to push myself to the point of feeling like almost dying haha, except for purely bodyweight workouts like this lunges/boxjumps/pushups WOD. When it comes to Fran, I spend most of my time just waiting for my arms to be ready again…

      I’ve also heard that people who come from a strength background perform better at CF WODs than those who start from zero strength (like me). If that’s the case, then it might be that even if I don’t CF for a year, when I do come back, maybe I’ll catch up faster and end up stronger than if I had just done CF for the year?

      I’m also looking into CFSB. The main question is: is it more worthwhile to do CFSB which will allow me to keep doing CF while also doing strength training, or to focus purely on strength with SS (and make gains faster) even if it means not doing metcons for quite some time?

      When you did Strength Bias, you said you lost some endurance, but did you find that you gained at least some of it back?

  3. I would like to take the test you took. So far I have only had the kind where your put your thumbs on a metal thing. the other I did once is called Bod Pod. It is not underwater but you are in a pod. It was interesting to know.

    I see what you are saying as far the muscular endurance stuff. A strength program is definitely worth a shot, and I see in your recent blog post you started it and are mixing it up with CF WODS

    I would say no to the theory of stopping CF for a year and doing strength than coming back. The reason is I have seen ladies who also had no strength background (me with a little bit of it) make gains doing CF.. I think more rapid gains than just strength stuff alone.

    With CFSB, I guess I didnt loose that much endurance, because I was still doing metcons. It was just when I had to do something longer than 15 minutes.. but I suppose it didnt take long for me to get back to what I was. My issue though is more endurance anyway so I noticed that more. the SB motivation was that my upper body does not match my lower body strength.

    • This Bod Pod thing sounds pretty cool too. They offer BIA at a sports clinic in my city. They also do physiotherapy and sports medicine. If you find any sports doctors in your area, they might know a place that offers the test or they might offer it themselves.

      I am definitely not planning to stop doing CF for a whole year haha. I was considering it when reading some of the testimonials for SS but decided it wasn’t worth it. I don’t want pure strength at the expense of everything else. I’ll do this modified plan for a few weeks and see how it goes, and I might do it for longer if I’m still making significant gains, but not for a whole year, I’ll miss the regular WODs too much for that haha. I’m going to mix it up by doing strength work every day (minus 2 rest days) with short metcons about 3 times a week. So I might be a bit worse at the 15 minute or longer WODs, like you were, but hopefully I’ll be able to get back into it without much problem.

      Although, seeing today’s posted workout at my gym (it’s called the T-Rex Complex), I’m really really really happy that I started doing SS instead. Haha

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