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4 hours

Real Food Challenge: Day 3
Day 3 was ok. I had Chinese food though because I went to dinner at a friend’s house.

Day 1 of Starting Strength:
Squat 5/5/5 @ 60 lbs
Bench press 5/5/5 @ 32 lbs

I decided to just do a modified version of Starting Strength that includes 2-3 metcons per week. I’m going to do it for the rest of the 6 weeks (of the Real Food Challenge) and then probably go back to the regular WODs.

This is my modified cycle since I do 5 on, 2 off:
Day 1: Squat, press
Day 2: Deadlift, metcon
Day 3: Skill/metcon or rest
Day 4: Squat, bench press
Day 5: Power clean, metcon
Day 6-7: Rest

Since I’m starting on a Wednesday, we decided to start at day 4. Tomorrow I’ll do day 5, and Friday I’ll work on skills (day 3). On Monday I’ll actually start from Day 1 and do the cycle the way it’s written.

4 Responses to “21/10/2009”

  1. Your program looks good.

    I was thinking but I don’t have a theory to my suggestion.. you could sometimes substitute squat for front squat and overhead squat (work on technique with those and get some strength gains — if you think you want or need it) but you could do that in your warm up too with the dowel or light bar.

    Four rounds for time of:
    Walking lunge 50 meters
    Sit-ups, 50 reps


    I was kinda slow on this mainly because of the situps. I hate them a lot. we did them the day before this one for tabata. I think I get paranoid with my neck (I have had issues with it) that if I get fatigued in the abs, I do not push it for fear I will jerk my neck forward. I noticed i am much slower than the average person but I don’t care haha my life will go on. its weird, I even like GHD ones better because you sort of get to use your legs to help.

    • Thanks, I hope it actually works!

      As for front squats and overhead squats, I agree that I should work on them as well, but I don’t want to substitute them in for back squats since I think back squats are important on their own. I do have a skill day on Wednesdays where I can pick anything I want to work on, so I might just do some front squats and overhead squats then. Today’s supposed to be a skill day for me, so I was thinking of working on kipping pull-ups and then maybe afterwards working on overhead squats.

      You hate sit-ups?! I love sit-ups! đŸ™‚ I think they’re one of the few things I’m not bad at, haha. I used to have neck pain when I did sit-ups because I was straining it while pulling myself up from the ground. My neck stopped hurting when I started looking at the ceiling, previously I was looking right in front of me, just above my knees.

  2. Sit-ups yes, pretty much all my life. People are usually surprised because they figure if I am “small” it is easier for me. But this is not the case at all, and I would say most people can beat me whether its a set number for time or speed of the rep.

    I will try looking at the ceiling, I usually look straight ahead. Do you look at the ceiling for the entire range of motion?

    • I look at the ceiling when I’m flat on my back, and I shift my focus throughout the motion so that I’m looking ahead when I’m completely up.

      But, I tried that when I first started, and it still gave me neck straining problems, so I must have been doing something weird with my neck. So I focused on looking near the edge where the ceiling meets the wall in front of me for a while, for the entire range of motion, and that helped a lot to reduce the neck pain. But over time I guess my form has fixed itself and now I can just look forward of wherever my head is (whether forward = up or forward = straight ahead) and I don’t seem to use my neck anymore at all.

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