In Starting Strength on October 22, 2009 by Suhaila

5 hours

Real Food Challenge: Day 4
Day 4 was good except for dinner. Going to try to make some huge meals over the weekend so that I have enough leftovers to last all week, since lately when I get home I’m too tired to cook anything.

Day 2 of Starting Strength:
Power clean 5/5/5 @ 52 lbs
I think I could have started higher, especially since I did my metcon (below) at 62 lbs and all sets were unbroken except the last two, but I’ll increase the weight for next week and I’m sure it’ll start getting really hard pretty soon, considering I just barely managed to do a set of 3 at 73 lbs last week.

5 power cleans @ 155 lbs (men), 115 lbs (women)
15 wall-balls @ 20 lbs (men), 16 lbs (women)
3 rounds – 3 minute rest – 3 rounds
[First 3 rounds: 6:48. Last 3 rounds: 7:51. Total: 14:40. Used 62 lbs for power cleans, 12 lb wall-ball. The wall-balls were the worst part… need to figure out how to string them together as well. It seems the ball never comes back to the same place I threw it from haha. I think I need to stand a little closer to the wall. I am so happy with the power cleans though. My elbows were a bit slower in the last 3 rounds because I was getting fatigued, but overall they were good. My collarbone is all bruised up from the slow elbows haha.]

2 Responses to “22/10/2009”

  1. Good job on the power cleans.

    I dont know if this will help, but someone at my gym had posted these tips for wall balls:
    1. Bring arms down after throwing the ball (saves shoulder strength, this is a big one)
    2. Come down with ball fast (basically try to have the actual “catch” happen low).
    3. Just like a thruster, try to not move arms until you have maximum power from hips in front squat.
    4. If the ball misses the wall, let it drop, otherwise it really torques your back when you catch it. Then pick it up off of the bounce if you can.

    –I have tried these in one workout, it helped but I need to practice because its different from what I am used to.. I never realized I just hold my arms in the air haha wasting energy.

    • Thanks for the tips! I do keep my arms up, I’ll try to get them down faster, and try to come down with the ball fast. I do my wall-balls like thrusters already (I suck at both haha).

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