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5 hours

Real Food Challenge: Day 5
Day 5 was good except for dinner as well. I’m at my parents’ house this weekend. I came home and asked what they had for dinner; they had naan bread or string hoppers (basically flour and water) with soy meat curry (which I tasted and it’s like eating salt…). They also had a small amount of daal. So I ended up eating daal with the naan. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to find something better to eat; if not, I’ll go grocery shopping.

Day 3 of Starting Strength:
Skill day!
I worked on my kipping pull-ups for a bit. I noticed that I can kip easily with the bands but not without the bands, so I tried decreasing the band strength across sets to see if I could gradually get into it. I ended up doing:
1 set of 3 with both the thin purple band and the black band
1 set of 5 with the black band
2 sets of 5 with the thin purple band
2 sets of 3 with no band

I was hoping to do 3 sets of 3 with no band, but the third set ended up being a single so I didn’t count it and decided to stop before I got too fatigued. I was really happy though, my kipping pull-ups were all unbroken! Not just unbroken as in not coming off the bar, but also unbroken as in each pull-up led immediately into the next without stopping the swing. Now I mainly have to practice and get my hips to do most of the work since my kip is still not quite aggressive enough.

The T-Rex Complex (yeah I got roped into doing it instead of the overhead squats)
5 sets of:
7 deadlifts
7 hang power cleans
7 high pull snatches
7 back squats
7 push presses
You cannot rest the bar on the ground during the set.
[32-42-47-47-47. I should have done a set in between 32 and 42, because 47 almost killed me. The 3rd, 4th, and 5th sets were torture haha. Mostly it wasn’t bad, but high pull snatches are haaaard (basically a power snatch but with a clean grip). They really made (or ruined, depending on how you look at it) the whole workout. I usually have good form on regular snatches, and I actually had good form while warming up for high pull snatches and in the first set, but after that I totally lost it. Since you can’t rest the bar on the ground, I was trying to pull right when the bar touched the ground, whereas I usually hold the bar while it’s dead on the ground and then pull slowly until it reaches below my hips. I just couldn’t get the rhythm right with the heavier weight.]

3 Responses to “23/10/2009”

  1. thats awesome about the kipping, especially consecutive.

    oh boy that t-rex seems like an interesting challenge, especially that high pull snatch move and that fast that you can’t put the bar down during the set.

    haha ok my WOD story:

    “Tommy V”

    For time:
    80 pound Thruster, 21 reps
    15 ft Rope Climb, 12 ascents
    80 pound Thruster, 15 reps
    15 ft Rope Climb, 9 ascents
    80 pound Thruster, 9 reps
    15 ft Rope Climb, 6 ascents

    80 is the women’s weight

    almost as RX

    I started with 36kg but in the 1st round after 13 thrusters dropped down to 35kg. I felt that even if I could eek out 2 more reps per set, that I could get done faster because its less total sets broken up which means less break times and less power cleans to get the bar back up. And I knew this was going to be long since I saw other people’s times. Hence I stayed with 35kg (which was good for me since I was tempted to reduce that amount by more)

    Rope climbs were also very tough. I thought I was going to vomit in the middle of the second round. my feet even started hurting. so obviously I have never done this many rope climbs in a WOD. the most was 9 total I think.

    In retrospect, I could have stuck it out and used 36KG but oh well.. i’m still glad I finished and did not have to do AS many power cleans

    • I think I hurt my shoulder on the T-Rex thing unfortunately. It has been hurting since yesterday. It’s weird that it didn’t hurt at all on the weekend, but I didn’t do anything on the weekend so I think it must have been the T-Rex Complex. Either that or the kipping pull-ups I did just before that…

      That Tommy V looks even worse though! Haha. I’ve never done a rope climb before, I want to try it. Well actually I tried it a long time ago in school, probably grade 2, and didn’t get very far haha.

  2. I got your email.. im out of town and will reply when I get back iA

    Sorry to hear about your shoulder. That is odd you did not feel anything until today. I have not read your most recent post so I will read that before offering comments.

    I think with rope climbs, technique is a big factor, at least for the ones where you use your feet to help you. Basically, you want to grab the rope, then bring your feet up as high as you can, then stand totally up.. this way it is less “steps” to get to the top of rope (or touch the 15 foot target). You should try, when you practice and get it.. then its a matter of just endurance and not wanting to cry or puke. haha I used to have a fear factor (falling) but also with practice I realized you can sort of “rest” on the rope

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