In Starting Strength on November 2, 2009 by Suhaila

6 hours

Starting Strength:
Squat 5/5/5 @ 75 lbs (+5 lbs from Wednesday)
Press 5/5/5 @ 32 lbs (+10 lbs from last Monday)
15 chin-ups in as few sets as possible with the lightest resistance band: 7/3/5 (used the lightest band because I thought that otherwise it would have been 10-12 sets of mostly singles, but seeing as I managed a set of 7, maybe next time I will try no band)


3 Responses to “02/11/2009”

  1. I was wondering what happened, I figured you were busy this weekend

    side note: this is funny but a little long

    good job on your WOD. you could try no band and worst case think you break up sets too much, then use a band to finish the rest of the reps

    this weekend I worked out. Saturday did low bar back squats to a box (to make sure to get depth) and I realize even after all this time, form really makes a difference. especially getting to your max. I actually made it to 70kg for 5 reps.

    Sunday.. 800 m sprints with 3 min rest. I felt like puking, and I already mentioned I hate running right? I averaged about 4:20 each round

    Finally today:
    Five rounds for time of:
    95 pound Snatch, 3 reps
    95 pound Overhead squat, 15 reps
    Run 400 meters

    as Rx 65# squat snatch
    I was surprised I actually squat snatched v.s. power snatch (due to my fear of falling underneath the bar). I guess my drills in warm up are helping.

    I ran in all the rounds, except last round there was a SHORT distance I had to walk due to feeling soreness in my back. so my running is still slow but hopefully improving.

    on a positive note, 3 rounds OHS were unbroken. one was 14 + 1 and one 10 +5

    FINALLY last thing.. one of the trainers at our gym used to be a gymnast, and he was there this weekend so I consulted him about my MU issue. He had me hang with false grip and do kip swings. I did a few without breaking false grip. so that was OK. he went over how I need to do the kip (v.s. swinging all over the place as I usually do). So basically kip needs to be tighter, then open hip again after the first pull to get more height, i.e. rings to chest. I practiced and I got an inch higher than usual. today he was there and I tried again for him to check if I was still adding extra movement, doing it incorrectly. without expecting it, I ended up with my elbows back and I didn’t have to do that one elbow at a time thing.
    I hope I can keep this up inshAllah and start doing them in WODs. earlier today I was making dua about it, and asking if I could please get it. I said Allah at least let me get it so I stop thinking about it and my stupid elbows.

    yes I am crazy. ok sorry about the novel I just wrote.

  2. Which drills are you doing during warm-up for your snatches? I think I remember you mentioning them but I can’t remember which day it was. They might help me with my snatch issues as well. I can do a squat clean but I can’t seem to do squat snatches for some reason.

    Congrats on all your workouts, especially all those overhead squats AND the muscle-up!! That’s awesome. I hope you get it too, and don’t worry I make dua for CrossFit stuff too haha.

  3. Here is a good video of it:

    There are other good drills too. The reason this was recommended to me was because of my fear issue with actually falling under the bar. In this you do a slight dip and drive and try to quickly push/land into the squat with arms locked. If possible, try to do it without any dip and drive, just fall.

    Try with the PVC pipe and have someone check you. I think common mistakes are you actually do not fall, but just partially and end up with arms straight thinking you did it right (I have done this). A good cue, when you fall, your feet leave the ground, so they shouldn’t land back on the ground till you are in that bottom position. This does not happen precisely, but its close.

    There is another drill you can do with those squat racks. this is hard to explain in words.. well the blocks are placed so that when you lift the bar its at the top position Right before you are about to fall/drop down. kinda of like the top of the sumo DL HP but snatch grip. so the idea is to go ahead and pull the bar against the block, then try to quickly land into the squat. the bar shouldn’t move or barely move and you will know because of those blocks. it needs to be a pvc or light bar

    Let me know what other issues you want to work on and I can tell you what the OL coach here told me.

    LOL I am glad I am not the only one making dua. I hope I can make a video of me looking normal doing a MU.

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