In Logs on November 18, 2009 by Suhaila

4 hours

Today is supposed to be a skills/rest day. I was planning to do 3 sets of chin-up negatives and that’s it, but I only did 1 set. Before I did any negatives, I attempted to do one full pull-up with a pull-up grip, and I actually did it! But then when I switched back to the chin-up grip to do negatives, my left bicep started hurting a lot. It’s been bothering me for the last few weeks when I do chin-ups. The pull-up didn’t hurt at all though, because I guess it’s not as bicep intensive. The next day I was planning to do negatives was Friday, so I think on Friday I’ll switch to neutral grip negatives, or pull-up grip negatives.

Metcon: Annie
50-40-30-20-10 of:
[Time: Horrible. It was like 25:31 or something. Since Annie was the prescribed WOD for today at the gym, all the ropes were being used. The ones that were left were all stretched out and I tried doing double-unders but it was just not happening. I eventually chose the best one out of what was left, but it didn’t go well in the WOD. I was struggling just to get one double-under at a time. I also struggled to get singles; I usually do 3 or 4 singles before I do a double, and then I alternate single-double-single-double, but this time I was failing before even getting to the first double! Stupid rope! Maybe next time. I haven’t done double-unders in a while (I think Oct 30 was the last time), so I was out of practice as well and couldn’t find my rhythm at all. :(]

Oh well. Tomorrow I attempt a 100 lb back squat!!!! If I do it, it will be 15 lbs over my pre-SS PR (which I still think was a true PR despite being so low, since I was stuck there for a loooong time).


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