In Starting Strength on November 19, 2009 by Suhaila

4 hours

Starting Strength:
Squat 5/5/3 @ 100 lbs (+5 from Monday) — PR
Bench 5/5/5 @ 52 lbs (+5 from last Thursday) — PR

The bar moved really slowly when squatting at this weight. The last rep of the first and seconds sets were really hard, as was the third rep of the last set. On the fourth rep, I got stuck about halfway up and couldn’t manage to push through it as hard as I tried. Next time I’ll try this weight again, but I am really happy that I managed to get two full sets at 100 lbs. I think I may have failed because I haven’t been getting enough sleep and today I didn’t eat as much as I usually do, so I’ll try to sleep more and eat more from now on and see if it makes a difference on Monday.

The bench press is still going well though. This weight was heavy enough that I actually felt that I was pressing something, and it is becoming a bit hard to keep my wrists straight at the top of the lift, but I think I can do a lot more inshaAllah.


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