In Starting Strength on November 23, 2009 by Suhaila

4 hours

Starting Strength:
Squat 4/5/5 @ 100 lbs (2nd attempt — failed on first set because I was wearing my socks to lift in and my foot was slipping. I took off the socks for the rest and was fine… I’ll try this weight again anyway just to make sure since it was still borderline.)
Press 4/4/5 @ 47 lbs (+5 from last Monday)

After today’s workout, I think it’s time for some rest. I just didn’t feel very strong today, and have been feeling like this since last week sometime. I have been doing this SS-hybrid thing for 5 weeks straight now, and before that I was doing the regular CF wods 5 on 2 off for I don’t even remember how long without a break.

So I’m going to finish this week of SS, and then next week I’m going to take my numbers back down and start working up again.


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  1. Glad you didn’t get hurt with the socks.. Did you get to catch up on sleep? I was thinking, maybe you can get OL shoes for the strength stuff. I got the Rogue Do-Win ones because they were cheaper, but people like Adidas too and I hear they are narrower v.s. Rogues, better for women.

    Rest sounds good, especially after all that.. going back re-energized is good. When you start again, are you going to do the SS-hybrid?

    My recent break was because of transportation. But maybe I needed it. I hope I can get a car soon (or the one we have had in the shop fixed).

    the day before my week hiatus:
    nov 14 “Eva” should also be called crazy.
    5 rounds
    800m run
    30 24kg KB swings
    30 pullups

    73 mins 25 secs LOL!!! I did this alone and it was just I dont know. my grip was deteriorating by the 4th round, the 5th round I could barely hold on to the bar for the pullups, so I had to do non swing kips haha
    I think next time I could PR by a lot

    oh and nov 13, I did clean and jerk singles.. because of my fear issues, I have not gone beyond 40kg for this for one year. I got 45kg that day. my brain started messing me up with 47kg, so I figured let me work on form with the 45kg and did 6 more. I still tend to not drop under it much for the split jerk but I got a little better with that practice.
    I hope when I get a car I can get to the gym in the evenings when they have the OL sessions.

    nov 21 – 1st WOD after my break.
    AMRAP 20 min
    25 burpees
    15 BW backquat w/ 50kg
    3 rounds + 15 burpees

    It was hard because I hate burpees a lot, and my low back got sore during the WOD. I was going to go the next day to the gym, but a friend came over.. I also got a sore throat so I figured I shouldn’t go till I get better or just do strength stuff.
    but wow I got major DOMs from it, I still have them today.

    I got my blood test results today. everything good, but according to them my LDL is higher than their recommended range.

  2. I really need to get OL shoes, but just can’t afford it right now unfortunately. But it is one of my priorities to buy as soon as I can.

    Yeah I’m thinking of sticking with this program since it’s been working really well so far. I think I’ll at least stick with it until I reach most of my strength goals so that I can do most of the WODS without strength being a limiting factor. Probably for another month or two. And then I’ll go back to the regular WODs.

    I do call “Eva” crazy, haha. Was that your first time doing Eva? I love doing things for the first time even if it takes like an hour an a half or longer, because you just know that the next time you’re going to cut your time in half and it will feel great. 🙂

  3. I actually did not get OL shoes until after 1 year of consistent CF attendance. I did get Converse shoes online.

    What are you goals on the lifts?

    As for Eva, that was the first time as Rx. About a year ago it came up, and due to time I did it as 5 rounds of 400m run, 15 KB, 15 pullups.. KB was scaled to 20kg instead of 24kg. so that was a lot easier.
    I agree about the long workout PRs.. that next time it has to be better.

  4. Sorry I didn’t reply to this last week! I found some old tennis shoes that I used to wear a couple of years ago, and I am going to try using those for lifts, since they’re almost the same as Chucks.

    My goals for the lifts are
    Squat: 1.5x bodyweight = 162 lbs (but that is waaay long-term… for now my short-term goal is to just reach 1x bodyweight and I’ll go from there)
    Press: 65 lbs would be nice
    Deadlift: 175 lbs (currently at 145 for 5 so I might make it there soon!)
    Power clean: 1x bodyweight = 108 lbs

    Congrats on your first Eva RX’d!

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