In Starting Strength on November 24, 2009 by Suhaila

6 hours

Starting Strength:
Deadlift 5 @ 145 lbs (+5 from last Tuesday)

Didn’t do a metcon today since my arms are feeling sore and in general I’m feeling really tired this week. Instead I just worked on rowing. Did 4x500m. I wrote the times down but forgot what they were… I didn’t beat my previous PR, which is kind of depressing since my previous PR was pretty bad (2:13.0).


2 Responses to “24/11/2009”

  1. 2.13 is good to me, especially after your heavy deadlifts.

    I used to get 2:30, and a trainer noticed I was not doing the row efficiently. So I guess I average 2-215 now. It depends on how I feel. Endurance and breathing for me is tough.

  2. I got 2:12 during warm up yesterday actually! I guess if you think 2:13 is good, then I’m not as bad as I think haha. I keep looking at the numbers on the PR board and they’re all sub-2.

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