I’m Suhaila and I started this blog as a Ramadan journal, in which I will pour my heart and soul (not quite).

I’m attempting to continue doing CrossFit, a physical training program, while fasting Ramadan, and I’m posting my meals and workouts as I go for others’ reference. I’m a 108 lb female, so meal quantities would probably have to be scaled accordingly before being used by a 160 lb male, for example. Also, if my workouts seem pathetic, it’s probably because I just started really doing CrossFit consistently with an affiliate this July. Prior to that, I had been following the mainsite WODs on my own since March, but the gains made from March to June were nothing compared to the gains made in July and August.

I believe that fitness is an extremely important part of Islam that is often overlooked, so I also post random thoughts and articles I find relating to the topic, and hope to encourage other Muslims to commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle. On the authority of Abu Hurayra, the Prophet (pbuh) said, “The strong believer is better and more beloved to Allah than the weak believer, though there is good in both.” (Sahih Muslim). The strength referred to in this hadith refers to all types of strength, including strength of iman (belief), strength of character, and physical strength.

Aside from that, I am a regular 24 year old girl; I love tennis (Federer, Nadal, Agassi, Sampras, MacEnroe, Borg, Connors, Laver, Emerson, Navratilova, Henin, Seles, Graf, Sharapova, Dementieva, Safina), video games, being a geek, CrossFit, Vibram Fivefingers, being barefoot, flip flops, classic Sesame Street (90’s and earlier), 90’s music, Firefly and Serenity, bubble tea, tea – Earl Grey – hot, iced tea, loose leaf tea, all types of tea, my family (including all my friends that have ascended the ranks into family status), coconut milk, coconuts, coconut sticky rice, sticky rice, sticky rice wrapped in a leaf, mango sticky rice, mango kulfi, homemade vanilla ice cream (thanks to my crazy sister who makes the stuff without an ice cream maker!), rain, active weather, and filet mignon.

If you have any questions (although I hope not about more things I love), feel free to email me or leave a comment below.


7 Responses to “About”

  1. Hi Suhaila,

    Really impressed that u managed to carry on with your fitness regime throughout Ramadhan. I find that alot of people will give up there normal physicacl activity but when you put you mind to it u can actually achiveve much more than what u give yourself credit for. Im a mad tennis fan and have managed to get a few games in over ramadhan …i dont really drink much water when i play anyways but ive found it refreshing rather than tiring. So just wanted to say well done ….its inspiring what ur doing. Also can i just ask are u actually in training for something?..

    enjoy rest of Ramadhan

  2. Salaam Rashida,

    Thanks for the compliments! I really don’t think it makes sense to completely stop all physical activity during Ramadan, and I was hoping that by starting this blog I might motivate at least a few people to keep being active while fasting. I totally agree, when you set your mind to something, the possibilities are endless — and what better time to chase new goals than during Ramadan?

    Am I in training for something? Hehe. If you mean something specific like a marathon or a triathlon, then no. I started training for general fitness and health reasons, and now I train because I want to be the best person I can be. I wrote a post about this called Establishing a workout routine, part 1 and part 2.

    P.S. I love meeting tennis fans; it seems like we’re almost an endangered species, at least where I live.

  3. Haha just read your posts…make some interesting reading. Its good that you say you’ll prove other people wrong and also that you being petite your not going to let it hold you back. I like your spirit girl!! :o)

    I can kinda of relate to you, i’ve always been crazy about sport, favorite sports being tennis and football but being a muslim girl you dont get much encouragement and people kinda think you a bit weird…but i like it so i keep playing…and its great for fitness and mental health…its a great feeling to hit a ball or kick a ball and the competition side of it. There should be more girls like you…we should follow our own hearts than follow other people!!

    Wow…are there not many tennis fans where u are? assuming you live in the US?…did u watch the US open…it was a great championship this year some good matches!!

    Keep at it!!

  4. Correction: There should be more girls like US! I’m not that special all by myself 🙂

    I’m in Canada. I think there are actually more tennis fans in the US due to all the great players that have come out of there. Canada hasn’t had quite so much success in the tennis department. I watched as much of the US open as I could; I don’t have a TV at home! But what I saw was great as usual, at least on the men’s side. The women’s side has been lacking ever since Henin left, in my opinion. 😦 I missed the men’s final the other day and I can’t believe Del Potro won, hopefully I can find the match online somewhere so I can see it.

  5. Hey,

    Never really thought about that but your right i can’t really think of a canadian tennis player…altho we did nick one of your players Greg Rusedski…(im in the UK btw) His mum was actually born in the same hospital i was born apparently so i think he decided to play for Britain instead of Canada. Theres alot of websites where u can watch tennis live online…u should watch it on there…

    Del Potro played well..he got fedz pretty frustrated i think..Im a huge Henin fan …amazing player and admire her strength and game especially with her being pretty small too it just shows u dont have to be 6foot to be good at tennis!..

    So do u play tennis too?..

    3 days to go….

  6. Salaam Suhaila,
    I think your blog is fantastic and serves a great need for those of us Muslims who during Ramadan try to balance the demands of the month along with an exercise regime.
    I just started crossfit to supplement my brasilian jiu-jitsu a few months before Ramadan and let’s just say that my scaling would have made a buttercup look strong!
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog and also more posts on your thoughts of exercise, Islam, nutrition and generally the role that physical well being plays in our faith.
    Walaikum a’salaam

    • Salaam Osman,
      Thanks for all the compliments. I know I haven’t posted much other than food/workout logs lately but I do have some post ideas floating around! Please feel free to leave your comments on any post that interests you; I think hearing different opinions helps everyone understand the subject better.
      Was-salaamu ‘alaykum,

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